What clients say about Power Pays.

“I can’t thank you enough, over my last contract you have been wonderful to deal with, I’m still amazed at how fast you are at getting back to me when I email in a question. Brilliant customer service! I’m also really impressed with how you have helped me through the salary packaging maze and best of saved helped to save me on tax. You made Power Pays a totally free service with the extra tax savings and still lots of extra in my pocket for me! I’ll back as soon as I get my next contract which wont be too far off.”

Chris – DHS

Excellent return on investment.

Spot on to the cent!

Recruitment Agencies share their views on Power Pays payroll services for Contractors.

“Whether this contract is extended or I take a new one, I’ll be sure to stay with you as you have been fantastic since the day I started.”

Rachael – Medicare

“I guess I should not bother sending you emails – you get around actioning things even before I think about stuff … “)

Zahid – IP Australia

“I’ve been with a few payroll companies and I can’t think of anything you could do to improve your service. It really is excellent.”

Mark – ComSuper

“Thank you for all your help, especially in allowing me to eat in the early days when my paperwork was caught in the approval pipeline and thank you muchly for your depth and patience throughout.”

John – Australian Valuation Office

“I’ve been using Power Pays as my payroll provider and found them to be not only really pleasant but very proactive. Anne and Felicia provide a personal touch you don’t get else where and have been highly available for any questions or concerns I have. In particular they have been responsive and flexible in accommodating my pay structure as a travelling contractor. Their communication around pay dates for timesheets ensures everything runs to time.”

Luke – Dept Industry, Tourism, Resources

“Starting a contract for the first time and learning about contractor payroll services sounded too difficult. I got the choice to pick the best company according to my needs and I decided that Power Pays was the ideal. Not only for their rates and wide range of services but for their friendly manner and patience when it comes to explaining the way they work. Their customer service is insuperable plus my pay is always in full and on time.

I can confidently recommend Power Pays as a solid and reliable contractor payroll service supplier and experts in their field.”

Fernando – DEWR

“I started with my own company but the issues making sure I complied with the Personal Services legislation, the cost of getting the insurances and workers compensation made it totally not worthwhile. Then have you ever tried to do a company tax return? Not recommended. Ever!

So, I recommend Power Pays to everyone. Having a payroll services company; it was about the same in costs as running my own company, but simplifies your admin and tax enormously; yet retains the benefit of not needing to rearrange all your affairs whenever you start/finish contracts. I’ve also been able to save on the tax I pay because they have been really pro active in suggesting salary packaging options for me. I’m probably up about an extra $3,500 this year in what I’d normally have paid as tax. Love their work!”

Geoff – ATO

“I have worked as both a manager and as a senior consultant in the ICT Project Management field since concluding my Defence career in 2000. Throughout this time I have used several payroll entities to satisfy my salary, superannuation and expense requirements. Until now, none of these have shown the support, breadth of products, experience or knowledge displayed by Power Pays. I originally selected Power Pays as my Payroll Company because I wanted a professional one-stop-shop for all my Salary Packaging requirements. I was also interested in the various investment strategies they offered. I have been with Power Pays for a while now and I continue to be very happy with their excellent level of total service.

Not only do I receive courteous reminders if my timesheets are overdue, but I receive my payslips well before my pay hits so I have time to review each line item and can therefore satisfy myself that everything is correct. I receive a Superannuation statement regularly letting me know when my super has been paid and how much so I never have to query it. The company’s communication standards are also excellent. They are always professional and courteous when I call, and all email correspondence is answered very quickly. I have not needed to send a follow up email or make a follow up phone call for any request I have had to date. A key component to the services that Power Pays offers is my ability to Salary Package as many requirements as I like, for no extra charge.

I highly recommend the use of Power Pays to my colleagues and I’m happy to confirm my support at any time should you so desire.”

Leigh – Centrelink