Power Pays – The Contractors Choice

StrategyPower Pays is a national specialist provider of contractor management services.

Power Pays, the choice of smart contractors requiring Contractor Management Services for the Professional sector. We make contracting simple, flexible and cost-effective which gives you the time to concentrate on what you do best- your work.

Power Pays assists many corporate businesses to manage their professional contingent workforce by providing a contractor engagement model that mitigates risk and reduces costs. Providing a post sourcing, labour hire solution Power Pays assists businesses to control costs, alleviate risks and consolidate invoicing and payment channels.

We make medical contracting simple and easy. You focus on your career. We will manage invoicing your clients and paying you correctly as well as giving you access to great salary packaging options. Why would you contract through your own private company or as a sole trader with an ABN when you have the services offered by Power Pays.