Outsourced Payroll

Power Pays – The Smart Business Choice.

As a business owner your focus is on growing your business. Let’s face it, administering payroll effectively is time consuming, costly and does not have a direct impact on your core business growth. More and more companies are now recognising the significant advantages of outsourcing their payroll.

Pays-to-be-with-power-paysManaging payroll takes specialist knowledge. By processing payroll internally you can be at risk of being exposed by inadvertently missing or ignoring basic payroll rules or legislative requirements that are changing continually. You do not want to be in the position where you may be processing your payroll blissfully unaware that you are risking large penalties until it is too late.

Power Pays can bring your payroll provision into the 21st Century by providing you with online self service options, our industry leading payroll software, secure data hosted on local Australian secure servers and access to custom reporting and data insights.

Power Pays specialises in the provision of Australian based payroll services to Business owners of all sizes. We take the worry out of your payroll. Let us look after it while you focus on your core business of all sizes.

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