About Us

Power Pays is a national specialist provider of contractor management services for the Professional Contractor. Power Pays also provides Outsourced Payroll for a range of small to medium sized businesses. We have been successfully delivering Contractor Engagement and Labour Hire Solutions for Companies, Recruitment Agencies and Individuals since 2006. Our business philosophy is built on our values of:SmallBusinessChampionAwardsIntegrity: This is the cornerstone of our success. We do what we say we will do. We deal with our Contractors with respect and honesty.

Customer care: We listen, we change and we improve. Our team is there for you, responsive, proactive and knowledgeable. We will always strive to exceed expectations.

Passionate experienced team: Our team members love their jobs and that passion transcends to their attention to detail and to the positive, enthusiastic way they will deal with you. Nothing is a problem.

Continuous Improvement: Our dedicated team is constantly looking at ways to improve their processes and services so we can maximize your success.

Building relationships: We pride ourselves on our ability to build and maintain strong relationships. This has enabled us to grow and expand our business and partners who in turn help us ensure your success.

For the individual we will provide you with an easy, cost efficient and compliant way to contract, which will maximise your take home pay, plus provide you with all the insurances you need and lots of salary packaging options. For a flat fee we take care of all your contractor management requirements as well as giving you access to a range of financial and mortgage solutions and value added benefit unique to Power Pays. We make contracting simple, flexible and cost-effective which gives you the time to concentrate on what you do best- your work.

For the corporate, Business or Government sector we can provide a total Contractor Engagement or Outsourced Payroll Solution which will not only mitigate your risks and ensure 100% compliance but will also reduce your costs.

Power Pays assists many corporate businesses to manage their professional contingent workforce by providing a post sourcing, vendor neutral labour on hire solution which helps businesses to control their costs, alleviate risks and consolidate invoicing and payment channels. Power Pays is not a Recruiter but we do provide labour hire.

We also work with small to medium sized businesses to outsource their total payroll to provide a more efficient, reliable and scalable solution.  All required payments are always sent to you to make from your account. You will never pay us super or taxes to pay on your behalf. A fully tailored solution that allows you to choose the services that your business needs and minimize the costs associated with time, administration and resources

Power Pays – National Specialist Provider of Contractor Management Solutions and Outsourced Payroll Services