Tailored Payroll Options for Contractors

Working out a Tailored Plan to Put More Money in Your Pocket is the corner stone of Power Pays Services to its contractors.

As this is a specialised field we work closely with a Tax Barrister to ensure you are able to gain the maximum benefit of our services. We will work with you to understand your personal situation and to find the best remuneration solution for you.

Salary-PackagingOur in-house team manage and oversee all aspects of your contract management. We are always here by the phone to answer your questions.

Power Pays is all about helping you to maximise your net income as a contractor. There are lots of opportunities where you are able to legitimately reduce your tax. This gives you much more in your pocket. Novated Car leases, lap tops, mobile phones as just some of the things you could potentially look at.

The major benefit of using Power Pays Services is that our focus is always on reducing the tax you pay and increasing the after-tax dollars in your pocket. We put more in your pocket!

Your Recruitment Company is able to include you on to their books to pay your salary – but is this the best option for you? Usually not.

There are also discount services out there that offer minimal service. At Power Pays it is all about looking after you and being there every step of the way.

You will pay your agency or discount payroll service a fee for your insurances and also the cost of administering your pay. In addition you will not have the flexibility of full remuneration options that Power Pays provides. Most Recruitment Agencies will add back the cost of insurances and payroll administration if you are using a payroll services company, this effectively increases your rate.

Just ask!

The net effect: you’re better off than if you were on the Agency books.


Power Pays – The Smart Contractors Choice.