Medical Locum

Working as a Locum in Australia?

Your locum agency is provides you access to great locum opportunities.

There is now a great opportunity to increase your cash in hand whilst working with your locum agency.

LocumMedical Contractor Management Solution

You continue to obtain locum work via your agency and we take care of your payroll needs for you.

You are able to receive all of the salary packaging benefits of being an employee which put more money into your hand.

Case Study

Dr Barton worked part time as a locum via her regular locum agency. Normally 20 hours week. over the period of a year Dr Barton normally ended up with around $83,599.20 cash in hand. This is after taxes, super and all other costs.

When Dr Barton moved over to a Medical Contractor Payroll Solution she still remained with her locum agency, her billing remained the same but she was able to increase her cash in hand by $13,335.36 over the year. After all costs Dr Barton ended up with $96,934.56 in the hand. The best part was she had more time to enjoy with her young family.

Give us a call to see how we can increase you cash in hand and give you more time.