Medical Sole Traders working in Private Practice

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Are you working as a Sole Trader with an ABN?

Does your Private Practice cover you with work cover?

Do you find getting your quarterly/monthly BAS done frustrating?

Do you get annoyed at having to pay your tax installments?

Do you wish you could still salary package and make your income more tax effective?

Are you doing locum work?

Being a sole trader in a private clinic or a locum can be a headache. Handling admin, preparing BAS, lodging tax returns and more. It consumes hours of non-billable time. It can cost you a small fortune without you even knowing it.

You have worked hard to get to where you are now. You have gone through the hospital system where you can access great salary packaging options.

Now that you are working in a private clinic or doing locum work the access to the salary packaging disappears.

You have been asked to set up and work as a sole trader with an ABN which leaves you at risk.

Welcome to the new engagement model for your Medical Career

Medical Contractor Management.

Case Study – Meet Dr Jane Smith a GP

Using a medical contractor management company she gained an extra $15,432.63 last year. And a whole lot more time to invest in herself.

Jane’s income as a Sole Trader in FY:2016

Gross Income = $168,652
After tax, super, accountant fees
and non-billable hours)

In-the-pocket = $95,027

Jane’s income: Using a Medical Contractor Management Company
in FY2017

Gross Income = $168,652
(After tax, super, salary packaging
and admin fee)
Net income = $110,459.63

In-the-pocket = $110,459.63

Using a Medical Contractor Management Company Jane earned an extra $15K in the hand, with Work Cover and Super on top

Call and ask us how we can help you achieve the same result.

We make medical contracting simple and easy. You focus on your career and we’ll make sure you’ll enjoy maximum financial benefits and flexibility without the pain involved in handling compliance and endless paperwork.

Your invoicing is taken care of and you are paid as an employee giving you access to great salary packaging options.

You still need to maintain your personal indemnity insurance as this is specific to you.

Power Pays – how medical contractors get paid.