How It Works

Power Pays offers a full Contractor Management Company model. After you negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract with your Professional contractor, Power Pays will provide you with fully outsourced engagement structure that will provide the necessary insurances, timesheet collection, billing, payroll, salary packaging and all post engagement management of your contractors.

Power Pays manages the operational costs and administrative requirements involved in pay rolling your contingent work force.

It’s simple.

For the term of the assignment we become their employer and we will bill you directly for their services and if you have multiple Contractors you will receive only one invoice each week.

Girl Shaking HandReduce Risk

Power Pays provides coverage of your professional contractors for relevant insurances, and ensure that all staff are covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances. Our strict internal compliance procedures ensure that all contingent staff have the required entitlements to work in Australia.

Reduced Cost of Operation

In the past, some business have used recruitment agencies to payroll their contingent work force. Be warned, the costs associated with this method are very high. Power Pays contingent work force engagement model is far more cost effective and provides greater benefits to your Contractors. Power Pays further reduces your administrative and funding costs significantly by providing consolidated invoices that enable you to see the overall expenditure of your contingent staff costs.

Improve efficiency with Industry Leading Software and Technology

The Power Pays solution enables multiple approaches to your time and attendance records. Reduce the time and effort required to comply and complete the required documentation through the use of automated workflows and customised pre-populated timesheets. All of this can easily be delivered directly to your contractor’s mobile device or computer for easy submission.

Smooth Contractor Transitioning

Power Pays understands the importance of an easy, streamlined transition to minimise the impact across your organisation and keep the process as simple as possible. We work with you to develop a structured transition program which would be implemented over the agreed period of time. We appreciate the sensitivity in implementing a smooth transition process for our clients and staff alike.

Happy Contractors

Contingent staff or Contractors pay rolled through Power Pays have access to benefits such as Living Away from Home Allowances (LAFHA), novated leasing, mobile business equipment packaging and income protection insurance as well as our famous Rainy Day Account which enables them to maximise their income.

Power Pays – A better way to Engage and Pay Contractors.