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At Power Pays it is all about you.

As a professional IT contractor in Brisbane you have worked hard to get where you are. Now you need to use the best minds in the business to maximise the money in your pocket.

Having an IT Contractor Payroll Services based in Brisbane we can sit down with you to tailor a plan specifically to to put more money in your pocket.

Working on your Recruitment Agencies Payroll, the work cover and PI & PL insurances are deducted first. Some agencies also charge for their payroll services on top of this. Working with Power Pays, the Brisbane IT Contractor Payroll Specialist, often the Recruitment Agency will add these amounts back to your rate because these insurances are provided by us. This puts more money in your pocket. Power Pays Brisbane IT Contractor Management Services have the widest range of options to help you put more in your pocket.

IT Contractor Services Available in Brisbane –

  • Full Contractor Payroll Services
  • A large range of Contractor Business Expenses – Pre Tax
  • The Home of the Rainy Day Account – Perfect for Reducing your Tax until you need the funds in between contracts or for holidays.
  • Vehicle Leasing – great tax savings to be had.
  • Travel Allowances (where allowable)
  • Insurances
  • Online submission
  • Fast and Easy Communication – A team always there ready to take your call.
  • A Mortgage Broker that understands what is needed to get a Contractors home loan over the
  • Great Finance options for Motor Vehicle Leasing

Brisbane IT Contractor Payroll CompanyOur job is to support you to move your career forward as a Brisbane IT Contractor. We look after the administrative side of your professional contracting career. This allows you to focus on what you do best. As well as supporting Brisbane IT Contractors we can support you in any State of Australia you decide to work in.

Power Pays is the Payroll solution for IT Contractors in Brisbane

You are not just a number with us, we pride ourselves on getting to know you. We work closely with a specialist Tax Barrister to bring you the most tax effective solutions available.It is all about making sure you can take home more money in your pocket.

Power Pays is a national company, as well as an office in Brisbane we are in every other state. We can assist you no matter where you are based.

Simple, Easy and Risk Free. Inquire now to move over to our service.

Power Pays – The Smart Brisbane IT Contractor’s Choice