Contractor Payroll Services

Included in Power Pays Contractor Payroll Solutions

The Power Pays Contractor Management Solution  includes contractual engagement with your client or recruitment agency, we ensure you are compliant at all times and manage the administration and tax obligations for you. We will help you determine the most appropriate form of engagement.

Probably one of the most important bits of information that you need to know is that at Power Pays you are dealing with specialist contractor management experts. This is our core business and not an add-on service.

You will have a team of finance experts working for you. Power Pays has a team with over 100 years finance experience between them. We are specialists in Putting More Money in YOUR Pocket.

  •  Power Pays is the home of the Rainy Day Account. This allows you to create a safety net of income for when you are in between contracts or wish to have some well deserved time off.
  • Most Career Contractors once they commence with us stay with us for the duration of their contracting life. This way you have a long term employer for when it comes time to apply for home loans. We hold all of the correct insurances so whether you are working through an Agency or have a direct contract we can still assist you and being a National Company cover all states as well as international contracts. We get to know you and your situation and can assist with many salary packaging options to assist in getting you more money in your hand.

    Being a National Contractor Payroll Specialist we have experts in each state.

We deal with the details. We love details.