Outsourced Payroll How it works

The Fine Print – How Power Pays Outsourced Payroll Works

Time and Attendance

Power Pays simplifies the payroll process by introducing online time and attendance which eliminates data capture errors and incorrect payments. You can reduce employee resistance and the effort required to comply and complete the required documentation through the use of automated workflows and customised pre-populated timesheets.


The Power Pays system allows for the approver to have the submitted timesheets delivered to their mobile device ready for approval. An auto approve work flow can also be set up to approve any standard timesheets. No need for your managers to be spending time on standard timesheets.

Manual Items and Reimbursements

The powerful time and attendance system provided by Power Pays allows for employees to attach reimbursements of expenses along with their timesheet submission. This makes for a simplified and consolidated reimbursement processing and decreases manual intervention and potential disputes over out of pocket pay additions.

Job or Department Costing

The ability to customize the timesheets to your requirements is a major advantage of the Power Pays system. You can ensure you are allocating the correct hours spent to the project, jobs or departments, even hours within a shift can be organised down to project code level.

Flexible Hours / Job Schedules / Rotating Shifts

Power Pays can manage pays (inclusive of complex awards/agreements) across single or multiple shifts through configuration of business rules. Flexible working patterns and midnight boundaries are supported and easily configured.

Holiday Calenders

Power Pays easily factors in holiday calendars for each state. This allows holiday dates to be inputted into employee leave and absence management for simplified administration and completion of pay calculations.

Award Interpreter

This has often been a highly complex area that can expose a business to potential loss through manual miscalculation. The Power Pays award interpreter calculates the rates for payment, loadings, penalties or allowances that are applicable then updates the payroll. The often hard to manage area of midnight boundaries is easily handled.

Leave Management and Approval

Your employees can easily electronically submit any type of leave request and managers will have the information they need to make an informed decision on leave, including resourcing and leave entitlement. Self-service leave management means that lost or incorrect leave is a thing of the past.

Payroll Costs

Payroll tax, work cover and other on costs such as superannuation can all be included in payroll processing and reporting. Thorough understanding of all wage costs for payroll are included so you can see end to end views for detailed cost management & reporting.

Salary Packaging

Power Pays makes offering your employees salary packaging options easy. Whether it is super salary sacrifice or a novated lease, Power Pays can process these simply and efficiently for you. You can design benefit plans for your employees to enable greater employee satisfaction.

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