Power Pays Team Art Work

The Power Pays Girls got together to brighten up the office.

We love the resin art works the team produced. Rebecca, our salary packaging guru, picked a great spot to brighten up the office under the stair case. The art works really add a splash of colour to the foyer when you walk in.

We couldn’t convince to boys participate but the girls are rightly very proud of their work. Well done Team. Job Well Done. Continue reading “Power Pays Team Art Work”

Power Pays Canberra Manager of Contractor Happiness

Hockey One, Hockey Two, Hockey Three!

Meet our newest team member. Michelle Somlyay is the Power Pays Canberra Manager of Contractor Happiness, otherwise known as a Power Pays Client Relationship Manager.

Michelle should have been a Hockeyroo, but the allure of working for Power Pays was just too much. Just kidding, but she is an avid hockey player, and a very good one at that. When it comes to bone crunching ankle whacks the lady is a champion. Continue reading “Power Pays Canberra Manager of Contractor Happiness”

Power Pays Mastermind of Payroll!


A Payroll Genius of the highest caliber, Power Pay’s Kelly Slater is a rare diamond indeed. Could this be due to her background, growing up in a West Australian mining town? Either way the Power Pays team has unearthed a precious gem that sparkles in every area of Payroll.

Cutting a swathe through payroll with jaw dropping precision and speed, Power Pay’s own version of Superwoman even finds time to laugh as she delivers national payroll service for the Professional Contractor and Outsourced Payroll sector. Continue reading “Power Pays Mastermind of Payroll!”

Do you pass the ATO’s Personal Services Income Rules (PSI) rules as a contractor?

Do you use your own company to contract and if so
you probably don’t pass the Australian Taxation Office’s PSI rules?

Most IT Contractors do not pass the ATO’s personal services income rules (PSI rules)and need to be treated as an employee. Many contractors believe they are doing the right thing when they set up their own company to do IT Contracting work. This is not necessarily the case and they could be facing large penalties from the ATO. Continue reading “Do you pass the ATO’s Personal Services Income Rules (PSI) rules as a contractor?”

Recruitment Billing & Payroll – We Are In The Business Of Being Awesome!

Why You Should Hire Us.

Your job is to seek someone who will fit the client’s brief like a glove. The candidate must be able to do X, Y, and Z and perform brilliantly under pressure, You search through a mountain of qualified applicants to weed out the lucky few to make it to the next interview stage.

As a recruiter it’s your job to match the right people with the right job. This can be downright exhausting, not to mention time consuming! Continue reading “Recruitment Billing & Payroll – We Are In The Business Of Being Awesome!”