Finance Services

Power Pays is here to help with all of your finance needs.

At Power Pays, we know that contractors can find it difficult to obtain home loans and other types of financing. Power Pays has now a specialist finance adviser ready to help with your situation and meet all of your individual finance requirements.

At Power Pays, it’s all about YOU.

We specialise in providing you the best people to help make sense of all the finance options available to you; home loans, investment loans, personal loans whatever your needs may be, we can support and guide you.

They will find out about your lifestyle and provide you with the best options to suit you, and compliment your future intentions.

Our specialist mortgage brokers have been in the finance industry for over 20 years and can walk you through the steps to make it as simple and easy for you as possible.

Couple InterviewThey have access to over 30 banks, and non-bank lenders including the big 4. That is a huge range of finance options available to make sure you get the best loan, and structure right for your situation. Spending time with our brokers is 100% free and they love getting just the right solution for you.

Just give us call or make an online enquiry; we are here ready to help.

Power Pays understands the unique position a contractor is in, and can easily facilitate the finance process.

At Power Pays it is not about us, it is about you.

Power Pays is designed to give you, our client, the advantage. We understand finance is not a once off transaction. It is important to us that we offer a more personal service where our relationships with clients are long term. In the same way that many clients have long standing relationships with accountants and solicitors, Power Pays has established specialists to be the point of call for all our client’s finance needs.

MortgagesAt Power Pays we have the ability to support you with all aspects of finance including investments, transactional banking along with an expansive knowledge base.

With Power Pays you’re talking to experts. Our team’s priority is to achieve the best-cost outcome for your individual requirements through a needs analysis and negotiating the best available rate.

Power Pays – The Smart Contractors Choice.